• Time frame are only an approximation. Being a good match for the skill description is far more important than the length of time you have been dancing.

  • There will be auditions for the Advanced and Top levels. Please keep in mind that this audition precess is relative and space is limited. We must do this to maintain the quality and balance for each track.

  • If you miss the audition teachers will watch you during the first hour of class in the advanced level.

  • The Full Pass will have 2h of Solo Classes on Friday and 6h of Lindy Hop classes on Saturday and Sunday.


The best od the best! You have reached a level in which you are more interests in the quality of the movement than quantity of moves. You have been doing Lindy Hop for a long time now and have traveled to many Lindy Hop events to improve your dancing. You cannot ask for this level, sign up for the advanced level and you have a chance to get unto The Top during the audition for the advanced.


This is when it starts to get really hard. You've probably been dancing for about five years. You can handle fast and slow tempos, tricky moves and can make it all work to the music. You are passionate about Lindy Hop and your life is filled with practice, classes, festivals and parties.

Intermediate- Advaced

You have been dancing for a couple of years and you are very comfortable with the Lindy Hop basic patterns as well as variations of those patterns. You've taken a lot of workshops and likely traveled for many of them. You are adding variations to your dancing and you have a good connection with your partner.